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Need a wedding planner, custom design florist, or wedding cakes? Atlanta Cottage Flowers is the place to be. We are specializing in elegant floral arrangements for weddings and receptions. We also offer the best in eye catching wedding cakes, along with custom floral designs for multiple types of events.


With a highly dedicated and talented staff, your custom made cakes and bouquets are guaranteed to spruce up your wedding. If you are not sure where to begin, you can speak to our wedding planners. They will sit down with you and your significant other, while offering a range of viable and affordable options for your big day.


With dozens of packages available, you never have to worry about overpriced flowers or cakes. In fact, Atlanta Cottage Flowers prides itself on delivering cost-affordable products to Atlanta customers. All it takes is a simple e-mail or phone call to secure the best services for your wedding or reception.


As the top floral boutique in the ATL, this popular venue has received stellar reviews from clients and critics alike. Unlike other shops, we treat all customers like family. This means they go that extra mile to ensure your flowers and cakes are professionally designed. With an eye on detail, the staff assures clients the most decorative cakes and floral arrangements in the city.


Whether you need spectacular red roses or violets, you can count on ACF to deliver. Why overspend on boring and generic bouquets when the professionals are right around the corner? If you are pressed for time, simply send us a service request at our website or social media page. If you love tantalizing flowers and mouthwatering cakes, go no further than Atlanta Cottage Flowers.

If you need a wedding planner, custom design florist, or wedding cakes, Atlanta Cottage Flowers will achieve all your desired results. You can also place your orders online for optimal customer convenience.

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